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from The Epoch Times: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked a federal judge on Nov. 15 to give it until the year 2076 to fully release the documents in its possession tied to the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The FDA's request was made in a filing as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) [].

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Post-Vaccination Data. Updated 5/31/22. The Department of Health's monthly update on COVID-19 post-vaccination cases, commonly known as "breakthrough," includes data from January 1, 2021 to May 11, 2022, which shows the overwhelming majority of cases, hospitalizations and deaths were among unvaccinated, or not fully vaccinated, people: 69. The federal agency wants to withhold the disclosure of the data and information of the C-19 shot for 55 years. Join The ... the FDA asked for a slower rate of processing the 329,000 and more pages of data that Pfizer shared. The FDA proposed a processing rate of 500 pages for a month. ... While it can conduct that intense review of Pfizer’s.

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The EMA review by its emergency task force follows the release of study results earlier this month showing the drug, known as sabizabulin, reduced the risk of death by 55% in a.

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FDA’s review process. Releasing this data should also confirm the FDA’s conclusion that the Pfizer Vaccine is safe and effective and, thus, increase confidence in the Pfizer Vaccine. ... On August 23, 2021, the FDA approved the Pfizer Vaccine for individuals 16 years of age and older.7 15. There is an ongoing, public national debate.

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Truth : FDA Did NOT Ask For 75 Years To Release Pfizer Vaccine Data! A reanalysis of data from the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine trials found that, combined, Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 jabs were associated with a risk increase of serious adverse events of . The FDA wants the public to wait until the year 2076 - a full 55 years - for.

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As I mentioned in my blog post on Dec. 10, Walmart is prepared to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at our pharmacies nationwide when we are asked to do so. Let me tell you a bit more about how we're supporting the vaccination of health care workers in "Priority 1A" at the request of states. We're administering the recently approved.

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FDA attempted to delay full release for 55 years. "Due to the large numbers of spontaneous adverse event reports received for the product, the MAH has prioritised the processing of serious cases, in order to meet expedited regulatory reporting timelines and ensure these reports are available for signal detection and evaluation activity.".

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"The FDA shall produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete." You will find the Pfizer documents and data here WHO Pandemic Pact negotiations.

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FDA Now Wants 55 Years to Release COVID Jab Data. When, after a month, the FDA still had not responded to the FOIA request, the PHMPT sued. The FDA is now asking a federal judge to allow them to delay the full release of all documents until 2076 — 55 years from now.

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Attorney Siri Published an Update on His Case Against The FDA, And He Wrote: "The FDA Has Asked a Federal Judge to Make the Public Wait Until the Year 2076 To Disclose All of The Data and Information It Relied Upon to License Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine. That Is Not a Typo. It Wants 55 Years to Produce This Information to The Public. So, Let’s Get This Straight. The Federal.

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SHARES. In November 2021 the FDA, who had always vowed “ full transparency ”about the ‘safe and effective’ covid jabs, asked a federal judge to grant it until 2076 to fully release Pfizer’s vaccine data. Having asserted that it would take 55 years to release the full data, in December the FDA’S estimation was then extended by. FDA requested 55 years to hand over data relating to coronavirus vaccine. By ... "How does a vaccine that receives approval in 108 days now require 55 years just to release information?" Norman.

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Oh wow. Looks like we'll find out who killed JFK before we get data on the COVID vaccine: FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Data By Aaron Siri | 17 Nov 2021 | The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to.

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